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We mainly offer original products made by attractive artists and companies in Ishikawa Prefecture, as well as traditional Kutani vintage items. We propose new interpretations of traditional techniques and innovative materials.

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The current NORTA local store in Higashiyama will be closed on December 16, 2023, then will be relocated and re-opened in the spring of 2024.

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What is NORTA?

NORTA = NORD (North) + PORTA (Door)

The word was coined from the Italian words NORD (North) and PORTA (Door). We hope that NORTA items will be the first door you knock on when you get to know Ishikawa (=North), and that you will be inspired to learn about the wonderful artists, companies, and lands of Ishikawa Prefecture.

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New Arrivals NEW ARRIVALS!!

"Dainippon Kutani" fan sugar pot

Antique Meiji period for export


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This is a Dainippon Kutani tea cup (coffee cup).

It is believed to have been made during the Meiji period (1874-1887, when the government was putting a lot of effort into exports) (particularly around 1874-1887, when Kutani exports were very popular. It is stamped with Kutani on the back.Also, it is said to be Seikado-zukuri, but it is not certain because there is no back stamp.

Fans and folding fans are depicted in the orange-red color typical of Kutani. The fan part has a gold dot pattern drawn on it in a uniform style, and you can feel the unevenness when you touch it.

Although it is an old tea cup, the design is very modern and cute. Since it is small, I think you can use it as a demitasse.

Please also take a look at the matching sugar pot and milk pitcher.

Size: Cup diameter 7cm x height 5.5cm

Saucer diameter 12.5 cm x height 1.7 cm

Weight: 205g

Please! This item does not have any noticeable chips, but since it is a vintage item, there may be some stains due to age, fading of color, black spots from firing, roughness on the bottom, etc. that do not affect the pottery. Please understand this before purchasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we cannot accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.

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Sake cups

Cushion cover


Flower vase

Kutani "Shoza" style sake bottle or flower vase

Kutani Vintage


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This is a bowl with a lid on a pink ground, which seems to be rare in Kutani. The gold-ground heaping expression that looks like dancing petals of cherry blossoms creates a very gentle atmosphere. A very festive crane and turtle pattern is also depicted. Everything is hand-painted. Size; 11 cm in diameter x 7 cm in height (including lid) Weight; 228 g

salad server



Ms. Miho Nishikawa, a metalwork artist living in Kanazawa, has created an original design tray for NORTA.

Whether it's a tray for accessories and stationery, or a tray for dry sweets, enjoy your own ideas.
We have prepared two types of pretty flower motifs and bird motifs.

The very delicate and detailed cutting and forging technique make me feel very elegant when I look at it.

Because they are all handmade, the details are slightly different one by one, and no two are exactly the same, so please look forward to the delivery. Please enjoy only one item in your own world.

On the back, Mr. Nishikawa's stamp and NORTA's N are written, proving that it is a NORTA original.

Material: Brass

Size: 21.5 x 11cm (oval shape)

About Brass Products ; Brass is a metal mainly composed of copper and zinc.

For daily care, use a neutral detergent after use to remove dirt, and then wipe off the moisture completely. We do not recommend using the dishwasher. This metal, like nickel silver, has the property of discoloring over time as it reacts with ingredients in the air and ingredients in food. If you are concerned about discoloration, you can polish it with Scotch Bright, or rub it with citric acid, vinegar, or lemon juice, and then do your usual care. Also, do not leave it soaked in acidic substances such as ketchup or sauce for a long time, or leave it in contact with food. It is not as strong as stainless steel, so please handle it with care.

Massage oil candle ~Yabuya~ Black Maneki Neko

Massage oil candle


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Available units: 10


A massage oil candle containing natural soy wax and almond oil. We asked Mr. Yabuya, who produces Kutani ware, to create an original for NORTA.
It is a very cute vessel with a gorgeous Kutani porcelain pattern and a beckoning cat that invites good luck.

It is a very elaborate piece that is entirely hand-painted using a technique called mori, which is one of the traditional techniques of Kutani ware. It is a work that requires not only the artist's skill but also perseverance to finish each piece.

Feel the scent while watching the candles lit, and after spending a healing time, massage using melted oil. The perfect item for total relaxation. Since it is worn on the body, it was developed and manufactured with the cooperation of Matsukawa Chemical Co., Ltd., which specializes in cosmetics manufacturing. (It spreads very well with a small amount, so please use a small amount at first and adjust the amount accordingly.)

After the candle is over, it can be used as an object, a small container, or a flower pot. You can also make your own candles again by using refills (sold separately). I hope you will enjoy the various ideas.

This product comes in a wooden box, making it ideal for gifts.

There are three types of scents available: cherry blossom, yuzu, and fragrance-free.

Candle ingredients: shea butter, almond oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, beeswax, fragrance

Pottery size ; 6.5cm diameter x 10.5-11cm height (including beckoning cat)

Capacity ; 100g

Vintage Kimono Cushion Cover Daisy①

Cushion covers


price including tax
Available units: 1


Check the details at the link below. Please click below for more details


~ Hanashinogi ~ Salad Plate

Kayoko Tambo Collection


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Available units: 7


Ceramic artist Kayoko Tambo created a dinner plate for NORTA that will make your food look gorgeous.

The Hanashinogi Utsuwa series uses glaze in the center to express the axis of the flower, and uses the ancient "Shinogi technique" to carve out the surroundings using a self-made wheel plane. It is made with the motif of the plant that hangs.

For the glaze, a crystalline glaze that uses minerals such as titanium and zinc oxide is used, and when the kiln cools down, the minerals mixed in the glaze crystallize, creating a unique expression that appears as a floret-like pattern. increase.

In addition, there are cereal balls of different sizes, salad balls, salad plates, etc. It's nice to stack each and coordinate the table.

Because they are all handmade, there are differences in the finish one by one, and no two are exactly the same, so please look forward to the delivery. Please enjoy only one item in your own world.

On the back, Mr. Tapo's stamp and NORTA's N are written, proving that it is a NORTA original.

Size: about 26cm in diameter x about 3.5cm in height

Weight; approx. 750g

As all items are handmade, there may be slight variations in size. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

Precautions for use

・Please avoid using a microwave oven.

・You can use the dishwasher, but please be careful not to let the mouth of the dish hit other dishes or cutlery when using it.

・Ceramic clay is used as the material. Compared to magnetic clay, it absorbs moisture more easily, so dry it thoroughly after use and store it on a storage shelf.


Kayoko Rice Field

Please check out Kayoko Tabata's other works on the following site.

Potter Kayoko Tambo

Art Panel size A0 Seaweed

"Nigyo Washi" Japanese paper


Tax included

Size guide

It is a powerful art panel with seaweed on handmade Japanese paper.

It is an image that plants have grown in the house. The appearance of making something that has been firmly shaped from the roots is very bold and pure, and the contrast with the white Japanese paper is outstanding.

This art panel is made from real seaweed on washi paper. The seaweed is a seaweed called Hondawara that is harvested in Oku-Noto. Sargassum is mainly found on the Sea of Japan side, and there are various types.

It also comes with a string for hanging, so it can be hung on the wall, but it also has a strong presence just by placing it in the entrance or living room as shown in the photo.

Size; 84 x 120cm (A0 size)

Weight; about 4kg

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