Kutani "Kaburagi" Sake bottle or flower vase


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"Kaburagi" is one of the famous Kutani kilns.

Mr. Kaburagi is a long-established Kutani ware pottery that has inherited wonderful techniques and senses from 1822 to the present day.

It is a "Tokkuri" (sake bottle) that has been finished very elegantly with the technique of very delicate blue grains and the expression of Ichin (height), which is one of the characteristics of Kutani. The era is unknown.

Personally, Kaburagi is one of my favorite kilns because it is very elegant and delicate.

The design of the "Tokkuri" itself is very beautiful, so of course you can use it as a "Tokkuri" sake bottle.

Size; diameter 2cm x height 12cm x bottom diameter 4.5cm

Weight; 219g

Please note that there is no noticeable chipping, but since it is a vintage item, there may be stains, color fading, black spots during firing, and rough bottoms due to aging that will not affect the vessel. Please purchase after understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we cannot accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.