We will introduce beautiful scenery and fun spots in Kanazawa from NORTA's point of view.

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Higashiyama area

Ume no hashi = Plum bridge

Ume no hashi = Plum bridge

This bridge is a short cut from Kyoka no michi in Namiki-cho to the Higashiyama area.

It is said that it was built for the gentlemen to secretly go out for geisha.

It is illuminated at night as picture and is really beautiful.

You might meet gentlemen who sneak around at this time...?

Accesss to Umeno hashi.

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Kanazawa Castle Park

Gojukken Nagaya

This is a 50-room row house with beautiful white roof tiles. The very emotional view combined with the moon in the daytime is beautiful.

Access to Gojukken Nagaya

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