Vintage Kimono Cushion Cover Daisy①


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A cushion cover made from a vintage kimono. We paid close attention to details such as the placement of the pattern and the color scheme of the piping. . It's all one of a kind.

The daisy pattern drawn in various tones is very lovely, and it is a work that feels spring. The green piping gives it an impression that is not too sweet.

Daisy ; characterized by bright colors and shapes. The chrysanthemum flower is likened to the sun because of its round shape that radiates from the center, and is considered to be the highest flower in the world. has the meaning of It has been used as a flower to represent mental and physical health, stability, nobility and tranquility.

Size ; 45 x 45 cm

Material ; Silk

Care Instructions: Due to the delicate silk material, dry cleaning is recommended.

* Basically, we use items that are in good condition after cleaning, but we reuse vintage kimonos and obis, so please understand before purchasing.