Art Panel 26 x 42cm Thread straining ①


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Available units: 1

This is an art panel of rows of Japanese paper made by hand, with threads randomly woven into the paper.

The A0 size, which has been well-received, is now made in an easy-to-use size.

The slightly light greenish base emphasizes the shading and gives a more three-dimensional effect.

The texture of the washi paper creates a natural healing and warmth to the randomly abstract and modern expression. The expression changes when the paper is turned horizontally or vertically, and we hope you enjoy the change in the way it looks.

Size: 26 x 42 cm 

Weight: approx. 314g

Each piece is handmade by hand, so no two are exactly alike. Please enjoy looking for your one and only panel in the world.

Please be mindful of the delicate finish of these handmade panels, which are made of natural materials. Please remove any dust from the panels while they are on display by gently dabbing them with a light dust remover, such as a quick cleaner.