~ Hanashinogi ~ Salad Bowl


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Available units: 2

A large salad bowl with a strong impression was made by Kayoko Tambo for NORTA.

The "Hanashinogi" series uses the traditional "shinogi" technique, in which the surroundings are carved out using a self-made wheeled planer, and a glaze is used in the center to express the axis of a flower, inspired by flowers in gardens and plants found in the city.

For the glaze, a crystal glaze using minerals such as titanium and zinc oxide is used. As the glaze cools in the kiln, the minerals mixed into the glaze crystallize, creating a unique expression that appears as a small flower-like pattern.

Other products include cereal bowls in different sizes, salad plates, and dinner plates. Each piece can be layered to create a beautiful table setting.

Since each piece is handmade, there are differences in the finish of each piece, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Please enjoy your own one-of-a-kind item.

On the back, there is Ms. Tambo's engraving and the N of NORTA, which proves that it is a NORTA original.

Size: Diameter approx. 26cm x Height approx. 9 cm

Weight: approx. 970g 

Please understand that there may be a slight difference in size due to the handmade nature of this product.

Cautions for use

*Please do not use a microwave oven.

*Please avoid using the microwave oven.

*The material used is ceramic. Please dry it thoroughly after use before putting it away in a storage cabinet.

Kayoko Tambo

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