Lacquer wine glass


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The contrast between the black lacquer and the orange-gold interior of this vintage wooden lacquerware wine glass is very chic.

First of all, you will be surprised at how light it is when you hold it, and then you will be shocked at how difficult it is to form such a form out of wood.

 Unfortunately, the artist and place of production are not clear due to the lack of a box, etc., but once you see it, you will be impressed by how wonderful it is.

How about a glass of champagne on a hot summer day?

Size: 7.5 cm (diameter) x 12 cm (height)

Weight: 36g

! Please!  There are no noticeable scratches on this item, but it is a vintage item, so please understand that there may be some stains or color grazes due to age that do not affect the vessel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that we do not accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.