Kutani, floral design, gilt


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Available units: 5

This is a Kutani teacup decorated with flowers.

It is a slightly small-sized teacup that is easy to hold in a woman's hand.

The shape of the cup is along the outside and is filled with lovely and gorgeous flowers, so it is great not only as a teacup, but also as a decorative piece for potpourri.

A matching teapot is also available, so if you are interested, please click on the link below.

 Kutani Full of flowers Tea pot

Size: 8 cm (diameter) x 5 cm (height)

Weight: 89g 

! Please note !  Please understand that this is a vintage item and there may be some unevenness in color and roughness on the bottom of the pot that does not affect the quality of the pot. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that we do not accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.