Japanese Binding Notebook - Sakuragai (cherry blossoms shells)


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Available units: 4

This is a Japanese binding notebook with sakuragai (cherry blossoms shells) made into Japanese paper.

How is it possible to make three-dimensional cherry blossoms shells from Japanese paper? I can't believe my eyes! The finish brings you into a sense of wonder.

How about using it as your own creative notebook?

It can also be used as an album with special photos.

Available in two sizes, A4 and B6.

A4 210 x 297 mm 

B6 128 x 182 mm

All notebooks are handmade by hand, so please understand that they will not be exactly the same. We hope you will enjoy receiving your one and only notebook that is uniquely yours in the world.

Please be mindful of the fact that all of our notebooks are handmade with natural materials and have a very delicate finish.