Vintage Kimono Cushion Cover with Fukujuso Embroidery


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This cushion cover is made by reusing a vintage sash. The placement of the patterns and the color scheme of the piping were done with great attention to detail. Each piece is one of a kind.

The fuchsia pink sash and Kanoko-shibori kimono fabric are combined with gold piping as accents to create a simple but elegant piece.

Fukujuso; The flower blooms around the lunar New Year (February), giving it its auspicious name as a flower to celebrate the New Year. It means "turning hardship into fortune," and is often displayed together with Nanten.

Kanoko-shibori ; called "deer tie-dye" because the stripes of the tie-dye resemble the spots on the back of a deer, there are currently more than 50 different techniques." In the "deer tie-dye" technique, the cloth is folded four times and the corners are repeatedly wrapped with thread around a circular dot seven or eight times and dyed. Then the part wrapped with thread is white and square, while the tips of the corners are faintly dyed and look like dots. Kanoko-shibori was (and still is) made by hand by women in Kyoto, and is a very luxurious and time-consuming process.
Size ; 45 x 45 cm

Material ; Silk

Back ; Silk shantung

Care ; Dry cleaning is recommended due to the delicate nature of silk.

* Basically, we use items in good condition after cleaning, but please understand that we reuse vintage kimonos and obis.