Art Panel size A0 Dyeing


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This art panel is made of handmade Japanese paper dyed Ningyo Washi.

Although it is Japanese paper, at first glance it looks like bronze in texture, a fantastic finish that evokes a strange sensation. The colors of this art panel are very beautiful, reminiscent of the green of the forests of Okunoto and the blue of the deep sea.

It can be hung on the wall as it comes with a string for hanging on the wall, but as shown in the photo, it also has a very strong presence just standing on the entranceway or in the living room.

Size: 84 x 120 cm (A0 size) 

Weight: approx. 4 kg

All of the panels are handmade by hand and dyed with natural colors, so no two panels are exactly alike. Please enjoy looking for your one and only panel in the world.

Please be mindful of the delicate finish of the panels, as they are all handmade with natural materials and are very delicate. Please remove any dust from the panels while they are on display by gently dabbing them with a light dust remover, such as a quick cleaner.