Sake cup, Gold miniature painting with portrait


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This chic sake cup has a very unusual hexagonal shape.

The very delicate lines on the inside, with very meticulously painted figures and surrounding flowers, are a sight to behold. While the entire piece is painted in brownish tones, the indescribable pale green color of the figure's hakama (I wonder what kind of color names were used to describe the color in the past) is accentuated, giving the whole piece a modern look.

Plus, the deep emerald green on the outside is the epitome of chic!

Hats off to the old craftsman's sense of color scheme.

Size: 5.5 cm (diameter) x 2.5 cm (height)

Weight: 34g

! Please!  There are no big chips that stand out, but this is a vintage item, so please understand that there may be stains from age, color pattern blurring, black spots from firing, and roughness on the bottom, etc. that do not affect it as a vessel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that we do not accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.