Full of flowers, Sake cup


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Available units: 3

The blue painted surface and the very fine and delicate floral motifs on the inside make this a very pretty sake cup. It is thought to date from the Meiji period, when Kutani was at its height in export.

The seal on the back reads "Miyama. We hope you will consider purchasing this item with the mind of simply loving something beautiful.

Originally purchased as a set of 5 in a wooden box (shown in the photo), NORTA is selling them individually so that many people can enjoy them. The condition of the wooden box is as shown in the photo. The condition of the wooden box is as shown in the pictures, and it is old.

Size: 5.5 cm (diameter) x 2.5 cm (height)

Weight: 24g

! Please!  This item has no noticeable chips, but as it is vintage, it may have some age-related stains, color grazing, black spots from firing, and roughness on the bottom, which do not affect it as a vessel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that we do not accept returns of vintage items for the above reasons.