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Available units: 3

Kanazawa-based goldsmith Miho Nishikawa has created an originally designed salad server for NORTA. A set of large spoons and forks.

Two types of motifs are available: a pretty flower motif and a bird's feather motif. The very delicate and fine cutting and forge-kin (metal forging) techniques are very elegant to look at. It is an item that brings a sense of richness to your daily dining table.

It is a perfect gift for family and friends. (Box sold separately)

Since each piece is handmade, the details of each piece are slightly different and no two pieces are exactly alike. Please enjoy your own one-of-a-kind item.

On the back, there is an engraving of Mr. Nishikawa and the letter N of NORTA, proving that this is a NORTA original.

Material: Brass (handle), nickel silver (head)

Size: length 25.5 cm, width 6-6.5 cm 

Please understand that there may be a slight variation in size due to the handmade nature of all our cutlery.

Note: The cutlery is made of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) for the handle and nickel silver (an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc) for the head. Both metals react with components in the air and food over time, causing them to tarnish. If you are concerned about the discoloration, you can polish it with something like Scotch-Brite, or with citric acid, vinegar, or lemon juice to bring it back to a brilliant shine. For daily care, wash the tableware with a mild detergent and then wipe it dry with a dish towel. Avoid leaving the product soaked in acidic substances such as ketchup or sauces for long periods of time.

Also, the strength of this product is inferior to that of commercially available stainless steel products. Please refrain from using it on extremely hard foods or applying excessive force to a single point.

Miho Nishikawa

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